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Senders Smoke Joint

Senders Smoke Joint

Kashrut: Just Using Everything Kosher

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About Senders Smoke Joint:

A long time ago I was a short order cook while pursuing the arts, when circumstances afforded me the opportunity to work in a large French styled brigade kitchen, under the tutelage of Chefs Mark Di Tomassi and Phil Paris, at Chicago's Signature Room, famous for being the 95th floor of The John Hancock Building. In that cocina I understood that a kitchen could be more than just a utilitarian space for cooking, it was more a working studio, full of energy and eccentric individuals making fantastic things. Today I cook with ingredients I would eat by themselves, combining classical techniques with influences from the "provincial" fare of my youth, weaving it all together with postmodern introspection and plenty of smoke and fire; cooking flavorful, simple and robust food, satisfying for ham fisted workers, and nuanced too, for the delicate palate.

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