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Graze Smokehouse
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Graze Smokehouse OU

Welcome to Graze Smokehouse, where flavor is an art and every bite is a savory journey. At Graze Smokehouse, we take the experience of smoking and grilling to new heights, crafting a menu that's a celebration of bold, smoky, and mouthwatering delights. Our smokehouse is not just a place to eat; it's an immersive culinary adventure. Dive into a world where meats are slow-cooked to perfection, absorbing the rich, smoky essence that defines our signature flavor. From succulent briskets to perfectly charred ribs, each dish is a testament to our commitment to exceptional barbecue. Our menu is thoughtfully curated, offering a variety of options to cater to different tastes, from classic barbecue favorites to innovative creations that push the boundaries of flavor. Whether you're indulging in a leisurely feast with friends or grabbing a quick bite, we invite you to experience the delight of expertly smoked and grilled meats. Join us and let the enticing aroma, the robust flavors, and the warm ambiance make every visit to Graze Smokehouse a memorable dining experience.

Graze Smokehouse Menu:

Sushi Skooba TUNA
Graze Deli Sandwiches
Loaded Nachos
Something Extra
CnG Starters
Extra Sauce & Dips
Graze Platters & More
Sushi Skooba SALMON
Graze Dogs
Graze Bird
Rosa's Rice Bowls
Greener Pastures
CnG Burgers
Cng Chicken Subs/Wraps
Rosa's Sandwiches & Wraps
Graze Sausage
Graze Smokin Burgers
Graze Starters
Graze Cold Sides
Graze Signature Sandwiches
Fried Potatoes
Rosa's Salads
CnG Sides
CnG Steak Subs/Wraps
Sushi Skooba RICE BOWLS
Mexikosher Build Your Meal
Coal Fired Chicken A La Carte
Rosa's Wings
CnG Salads
Rosa's Sides
Sushi Skooba Special Rolls
Rosa's Family Meal
Sushi Skooba KANPACHI
Graze Wood Smoked Wings
Rosa's Charcoal Burgers
Graze Beef (1/4 lb)
CnG Kids Menu
CnG Chicken Platters
Graze Hot Sides
Wood Smoked Wings
Graze Platters & More
Smokin Burgers
Whole Muscle Jerky
Sausage Sticks n Strips
Party Platters
Extra Sauce & Dips
Graze Platters & More
Extra Sauce & Dips
Graze Platters & More
Extra Sauce & Dips
Hot Soups
Graze Platters & More
Extra Sauce & Dips
CnG Soups

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